Sunday, February 27, 2011


Welcome to Temple Bells
Temple Bells, my home art studio, was once a dream; through the years I spun a colorful web of ideas, which converted my simple home into an ethnic paradise 

Each day is like a work of art
that's yet to be designed
An empty canvas waiting 
for the dreams 
that fill my mind...
My talents and my strengths are like the colours I can use..
-Jennifer Davis


  1. I think the pictures say it all!! There is a lot of serenity and peace that you can actually feel by just seeing it....can imagine what a visit can actually do!! Must visit place!!!

  2. You have my poem posted here,it begins, "each day is like a work of art that has yet to be designed," I am the Author of this copyrighted poem,it's title is, "The one and Only You." Jennifer Davis is my name, I can be reached at

  3. Hi Jennifer, I found these words in a greeting card and your name was not mentioned, will give you full credit for it on my blog. Great words!
    Thank you for pointing it out. I have now updated my blog.