Monday, December 24, 2012

Ambling down a different path

When my daughter while studying attended a pottery workshop; started making jewelry  in terracotta.
She wanted me to help her in small ways as she started to sell them to her classmates. I was too busy with my paintings to get into her groove….in retrospect- I now started making ear rings out of paper, clay, shells, metal etc.  I have taken a short diversion from my paintings my inspiration came mainly from nature and things around me.I got so involved in this creative process that while on my walk, I started to look at every pebble or fallen leaf or twig for a possible jewelry piece . In a few months I made sixty odd pieces of ear rings..each different from one another. I call this collection “ Papyrus” (LOL)
Here I am sharing a few pictures.

Orange dew drops

Skeleton of real leaf fused on paper with pearls…was inspired by raindrops on leaves and flowers in my garden.

Paper candy on leaf platter

Metal , paper , shells


  1. Very pretty and creative! You are a constant inspiration :)

  2. Awesomeness!! Thanks to you...ive got 1% of this creative genes...truly inspiring!!

  3. I can say you are super talented..these r some gorgeous pieces of hv a beautiful home...found you via your home tour at Disha's blog.