Saturday, April 6, 2013

Play with Clay- Craft Mela

I absolutely love visiting Crafts Melas (much to my husband's dismay..tsk tsk) here, they showcase wide range of crafts across the country and the excited me always looks out for my favourite-pottery/clay work!!

I search high and low for something unusual or new, but I am rarely lucky. During one of my numerous jaunts- I happened to notice these clay musicians with a road side vendor,who was way too eager to sell his unsold merchandize, make his day's worth and close for the day.
I found these pieces unusual(pic below) -with double shades of clay- and it was really a neat bargain!
The same is with the mini pots which were all picked up from outskirts of Bangalore, from a potter- whose specializes in smooth finish..sizes varying from  1inch to 3 inches( 25mm to 75mm). Pictures below taken by my husband.

Pot calling the kettle black?


  1. Beautiful! I absolutely loved your kettle!

  2. I loved ur kettle.please let me know the place.