Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rangoli- Colourful Floor Art

India is such a colourful country- be it in textiles-dance-art- festivals-the list can go on - Rangoli is a very vibrant artistic expression-colourful creative floor art in India.

They are especially colourful during festival time.Many houses take pride in drawing these Rangolis outside their homes- it is freehand & time consuming but the end result is beautiful.

I saw these Rangolis drawn  by a group of 7-10 women in a nearby Temple premises.This is usually done in the "Karthigai or Karthik" month (Nov-Dec).The ladies started around 9 ma and completed by 5 pm.
The Temple floor was adorned with vibrant Rangoli.As the sun goes down-small clay diyas are placed inside the pattern.Truly one has to be physically present to enjoy the scene, with diyas twinkling among the colour with the Temple bells ringing in the background. Hmmm..lots of positive energy & sense of good feeling
   :) :)

here I am sharing a few pictures I shot during the event.

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