Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Patio Love


so good to be back to blogosphere after a long hiatus !!!
this come back post is about my favourite space in my home --the Patio--
Its a dream space i created when we renovated our home .
The tiled roof with glass lets ample skylight , so there is a lot of play of light and 
shadow during the day. It took a couple of months to slowly setup the place with 
plants , greenery and artifacts and a bench. A space where I like to sit to sketch and paint or even dream.......

The above picture shows beautiful patterns from the skylight

The above pic is from my main door entrance.

An antique bell sourced from Tamilnadu hangs above the corner statue

The corner Namaste lady sculpture made of sand stone  was a lucky find

There is also an old grandmother's grinding stone ,converted into a planter with common pothos growing happily in it

The Patio on a Diwali day

Truly this patio is my Joie de Vivre
I could spend a whole day here ........wouldn't you too?
See you soon .....

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