Sunday, May 13, 2018

Spring / summer in my small garden 

“ I love not man less , but Nature more —-Lord Byron 
“ In joy or sadness ,flowers are our constant friends “ —-Kozuka Okakura 

There are many such lovely quotes on Nature and all I can say is that Mother Nature 
Is the biggest gift to mankind !! 
With the ever growing concrete structures around us ,having a garden has become a luxury 
to many . But I wish that more people would create some green patch  in space available in their 
homes . 
Being an ardent lover of nature , I have created my ‘ lung space’ !
It’s a visual delight especially during spring & early summer to see the fresh blooms in many colours The bees , birds & butterflies fluttering around in my garden gives me my daily dose of happiness.
Sharing some pictures of my small garden ........


Plumeria, my favourite 

Rangoon creeper aka madhumalathi 
A vignette with my jasmine flowers 
Jade bonsai 
A vignette with some greenery indoors

Hope you enjoyed this spring /summer pictures of my garden

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